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September 19, 2018

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

If you have been here on my blog and YouTube channel for a while you know how much I love capsule wardrobes (Capsule Wardrobe: What + Why? Post Coming Soon!). Each season I enjoy creating a mini closet set I can mix match throughout the season. As requested in this post and the accompanying video I am taking you behind the scenes with the 5 steps I use to create a capsule wardrobe. With these 5 simple steps you can build your own curated capsule too!

Gather Inspiration, Find a Direction 
Each season I like to create a mood board to start planning my capsule. Having an idea of what styles, patterns, colors and overall vibe you want for your wardrobe can really help you focus. You can grab inspiration from Pinterest, your favorite entertainment, magazines, or blogs. By creating a mood board, I can determine the aesthetic or style I want for that capsule wardrobe.

Create a Color Palette  
A harmonious color palette makes a collection of clothes into a thoughtful wardrobe. You will be able to look at your capsule as a miniature closet, as it wore. By sticking to a color palette, you will be able to easily mix and match your items.

For each capsule I choose between 5-8 colors, including neutrals. If you are having a hard time selecting colors that go together, look at prints such as florals or get some inspiration on Pinterest.

Create Outfits as You Go 
One of the main goals of a capsule wardrobe is to be able to style plenty of outfits from a few key pieces; so, it is important to think about your outfits as you put your wardrobe together. For each potential clothing piece ask yourself: How do I plan on wearing this? To style this item, what other pieces do I need to add to my wardrobe? Can I wear at least 3 outfits with this item? This will save you from possible frustration when you are testing and styling your outfits.

Make a wish list, listing each item along with some brainstormed outfit ideas. Start off the basics essentials (white tee, denim jeans, black skirt etc.) then add seasonal clothing pieces (winter coat, summer floral dress, fall jacket etc.), and lastly top it off with fun, possibly trendy pieces.
As a rule of thumb, I usually have more tops then pants (as tops must be washed each wear) and make room for completer pieces like cardigans, jackets etc.

Shop Your Closet
Before you go running to the mall or online shopping, take a trip into your closet. What items do you already own? Is there anything in your closet you can switch out instead of the original item on your wish list? The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is minimalism and the notion that less is more. Using a capsule wardrobe as an excuse to buy an entire new wardrobe defeats the purpose.

For my back to school capsule wardrobe I worked with items I already owned in my closet. I had to sacrifice some of my wish list pieces, but I felt satisfied with being able to make the most of what I had. I realized I didn’t have to go shopping after all!

Mindfully Shop 
There will be pieces that you will have to go out in buy, especially if you are starting your wardrobe from scratch. Use this as an opportunity to shop smart. Write out a detailed list. For example, for my winter capsule wardrobe I specifically noted I was looking for a midi, pleather skirt that was high waisted. Writing something vague like “leather skirt” even if it’s just for your personal reference, being specific helps you stay focused when shopping.

Be patience by awaiting sales and comparing similar items from different stores. You want to buy pieces you can truly wear repeatedly, so try not to compromise on quality. The pieces you purchase should be investments you’ll value forever.

Test & Document Your Outfits
Now that you have all your wardrobe pieces let’s begin the styling! As mentioned earlier, you probably already have outfits in mind, since you planned your outfits as you went along. Try on your outfits seeing what will work --- play a little dress up! You may realize that an item isn’t as versatile as you thought or doesn’t go well with the other pieces. You may have to swap piece out and in.

Document the outfits so they’ll be ready to go when you’re getting dressed in the morning. You can simply take photos of the outfits’ spread (like I love to do on my Instagram) or create a visual guide on Canva or Photoshop. There are also apps like Stylebook and Cadwell to organize your capsule wardrobe. I personally use Stylebook to manage my current capsule wardrobe, it is simple to use, and I love how it tracks how much you wear the pieces in your wardrobe --- giving you a great idea of what you truly value.

Hopefully these simple steps have helped you create your own capsule wardrobe. Have you ever tried or considering trying a capsule wardrobe? Subscribe for more posts about how to make the most of a small wardrobe. Enjoy the video accompanying this post on YouTube as well!

December 22, 2017


Winter is my favorite season to style for. Now is the time to play with texture and stay cozy in a cute knit sweater. Today’s post along with the accompanying video, includes 10 winter essentials that you can either use a capsule wardrobe or as a winter fashion guide . Feel free to use this post as a handy shopping guide / checklist as you build perfectly curated winter wardrobe!

1) Knit neutral sweaters - a chunky knit sweater is my favorite winter wardrobe piece. It’ll keep you warm and stylish. Neutral color for starters like black, grey or white are great for an outfit foundation since they go with everything. Knit sweaters are the first step in adding texture to a winter outfit.

2) Chunky knit cardigan – the ultimate layering piece! You cannot go wrong with a cardigan because there are so many different variations and ways to style them.

3) Chunky Scarf – the ideal winter accessory that can be patterned to the bring the whole look together or a pop of color. Throw on a chunky a blanket scarf as you run out the door. A bigger scarf such as mine can also double as a kimono or cardigan style, making it totally versatile.

4) Faux Fur/Sherpa Coat – Outwear is the most important piece in your winter wardrobe, because, let’s face it most of the time you’ll be running around in a coat. Looking uncomfortable and cold is not cute, but there’s no reason to sacrifice style for warmth. Outwear really does make or break your outfit this time of year, so invest in a style that’s both chic and insulating.

5) Wool Coat – This coat is not necessarily for trekking in below zero degrees, but it is a great choice for special occasions and professional settings. This coat from Forever 21 is a good installer, I like to wear multiple layers underneath. A wool coat in this style is the perfect way to complete and chic and minimal outfit.

6) Black Booties – A killer pair of booties will elevate any outfit and keep your feet warmer than sneakers or classic pumps would. I like a more pointed style with a chunky heel for comfort. These booties from Target were such a great find, they’re beautifully crafted super affordable!

7) Leather Bottoms – I remember when leather pants and skirts were a daring trend, and now they’ve become such a staple in the wardrobe. Though I love the look of leather skinny trousers with an over-sized sweater, this full skirt was more catered towards my lifestyle and wardrobe. Winter is the perfect opportunity to mix textures and add dimension to your outfits. This leather skirt contrasts well with my white knit sweater.

8) Thin turtle neck top – These types of tops may not be warm, but they are a great layering option. Forever, Abercrombie & Fitch, and H&M have a nice selection of ribbed or cashmere high neck tops. You can layer them under cardigans, jackets, blazers or a silk camisole. I have these tops in a so many different colors as well.

9) Cashmere Sweater Dress – Considering this time of year is the only season I’ll pull out my sweater dresses, I wear this piece constantly. Similar to the knit sweaters, a dress is practical and is an easy way to look put together. I’d pair my cashmere dress with over the knee boots or booties. My dress from American Eagle (old) is loose fitting to the body so a belt, scarf or outwear piece could be styled with it to add some shape to my frame.

10) Black Jeans – in the colder seasons you probably will be wearing plenty of oversized sweaters and coats to keep you warm. To balance the look a skinny pair of black jeans will do the trick in streamlining your legs.

Well, there you have it. All my must-have winter fashion pieces. Check out how I style many of the items mentioned in my winter lookbooks on my. YouTube channel Did I miss any essentials? What’s you favorite clothing piece for the winter? Let me know in the comments on the YouTube video!

November 10, 2017

10 Minimalist Fashion Style Essentials

Amidst a fashion world of loud colors, prints, and styles, I find myself drawn to minimal, timeless outfits. Minimal style is fresh and clean, and hinges off the notion that less is more. There is truly beauty and elegance in simplicity, and I think the growing shift towards minimalism within fashion shows many people are finally starting to appreciate this. The whole idea of a minimalist style goes against the popular fast-fashion, trendy attitude. It embodies the essence that style is all about elegance not buying the most attention-grabbing piece. Don’t get me wrong I love bold colors and dramatic silhouettes from time to time, however, the minimal style strikes a perfect mixture of classy, timeless with a modern twist and chicness. With that said, I have made a list of 10 common clothing pieces ( + how to style them) that are essential to achieve the effortless minimal style.

Black high waisted trousers
A perfect pair of black trousers can take you from the classroom to a night out. They give a much of sophisticated and timeless feel than skinny black jeans, yet, you can style them the same way. They can be dressed up with heels or worn casual with a simple pair of a Adidas. Black trousers are a no brain-er when it comes to minimalist style. I personally think a high waisted slimmer style is a wonderful blend feminine and masculine style.

Silk Camisole
Masculine, clean lines can get a little overwhelming with minimal style, so a silk (possibly lace detailed) camisole is a nice flirty and light touch to your wardrobe. I love the texture contrasts you can create with a silk camisole. Minimal style may have subdued in colors and prints but it keeps your outfits interesting by mixing textures. Try pair the silk camisole with a knit cardigan or leather jacket.

White Button Up Blouse
Do I even have to say much? A button up top is timeless essential for any style. It’s versatile and is great for layering. Minimal style outfits tend to keep this basic quite simple with the top buttons undone and partially tucked into your pants.

Straight Medium Wash Blue Jeans
The recent trend of straight jeans has been honestly so refreshing! The straight cut flatters more body shapes and gives off classy casual vibes. Like with the black trousers, I go for a high waisted to accentuate my feminine waist to offset the lack of curves in the jeans. Denim jeans are great for a more casual look and can be paired with neutrals to keep the look minimal and fresh.

Blazer Jacket
I could not research minimal style without seeing this jacket constantly. Its masculine inspiration, simple cut, and texture make it a wonderful candidate for the minimal style. Pair it over any outfit, in any color of your choice, and voila your outfit is complete!

Neutral Color Turtle Neck
Cozy cashmere, knit, or cotton turtle neck top seems to be a minimalist favorite. Though they are limited to fall and winter, depending on where you live, they are so timeless and effortlessly chic. I remember when I dreaded this style, but now I find myself reaching for it more often!
Crisp White Tee
A simple white tee is a basic must have for everyone. A crisp crew neck style is the perfect addition to a minimal wardrobe. The styling options are practically endless and effortless.

Black Booties
These booties elevate any outfit and add an edgy touch. They are defiantly a basic for most wardrobes and are an example of a modern classic piece. I wear black booties with any outfit I want to look chicer or that’s looking super plain. You can go for a high heel or no heel, though I’d leave the high heel for my stilettos.

All White Sneakers
Sneakers are practical essential considering they’re so comfortable for walking. The trending fashion options out there like Adidas, Converse, and Vans make sneakers the perfect comfort piece with compromising style.

Shirt Dresses
Classic shirt dress or the t-shirt style is a comfy and causal way to wear a dress. I love the effortless look the button dress has when paired with a black pair of booties. The t-shirt dress is great for class or running errands along with sneakers a denim jacket.

That's a wrap! Hopefully today's gave you a gauge into a minimal style wardrobe. Minimal style doesn't have to be boring, in fact, I was thinking about doing another post about styling and putting outfits together for this look. Do you like the minimal style? Are there any essentials I missed?

xo, Jasmine